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Automotive Car Jack and Jack Stands Shopping Tips and Tricks


Working on your car needs to have the right tools and equipment for smooth and safe operation. Having incomplete and incorrect auto repair tools is unsafe, a time-waster, and can lead to broken car parts. One of the most frequently used automotive tools is a floor jack, and it is also one of the most common garage tools involved in safety-related accidents because of several pitfalls with the use of these tools, ranging from purchasing an inferior product that does not live up to its false safety claims simple mistakes of improper usage that could have easily been avoided.


Floor jacks are used to provide a mechanical advantage to the use for lifting heavy loads such as lifting automobiles or trucks, using the mechanisms of hydraulics and lead screws. Automotive jacks have a lot of uses, giving a ground clearance for changing tires, brake pads and rotors, suspension work, transmission work, oil change, and exhaust work. There are different types of floor jacks including hydraulic floor jack, scissor jack, and a bottle jack. Know more about jacks at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/jack.


A hydraulic floor jack is what most mechanics use because of its great convenience, consisting of a trolley with four wheels which houses a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic floor jacks have detachable lever pumped to actuate the lifting mechanism. Hydraulic jacks are heavy, less portable, and expensive. Scissor jacks are space-efficient and lightweight, that's why auto manufacturers choose to place them in the trunks of cars, used when swapping your spare tire on the side of the freeway whenever you have a flat tire. Scissor jacks have limitations when it comes to lifting capacity and height because they are designed to compact. A bottle jack is hydraulically operated, consisting of concentric hydraulic cylinder, providing stiffness that is actuated by hydraulic pressure, resulting from pumping  a lever. Becuase of their very high free height, bottle jacks are not ideal for sedan, sports cars, and lowered cars. Check this site for more info!


Personal safety is important when working with floor jacks so never trust your floor jack entirely, always use jack stands because any mechanical component can fail as they are designed to move. Get to know more about car jacks by visiting our homepage or website for related articles.